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Profound comfort and peace of mind.

Our designs are timeless, not trendy.

  • Building forms and interior spaces are configured to best utilize the sun’s energy.

  • Gracious entry porches and transition spaces make coming and going welcoming and functional.

  • Interior layouts are designed with a balance of openness, connection and privacy.

  • We’ll help you select the design that best suits your needs and fits your building site.

  • Comfort, flexibility and durability, in every plan.

Spring House

A wedge-shaped front entry porch puts a modern twist on a traditional two story design.The Spring House plan is available with an east, west, or north main entry.


  • 2 stories, 1740 total square feet

  • 3 bedrooms plus a study

  • 2 baths, one per floor

  • Front porch and back porch

  • Plan can be mirrored east-west

Spring House South

Identical to the Spring House but with a rotated roof, the Spring House South is designed for a south-facing entry.


  • 2 stories, 1740 total square feet

  • 3 bedrooms plus a study

  • 2 baths, one upstairs and one downstairs

  • Front porch and back porch

  • Plan can be mirrored east-west

220606_Sapling House.jpg

This small but spacious cottage is ideal for one or two occupants (and could be an ADU). Suited for urban or rural living, its generous front porch provides abundant sheltered outdoor space.


  • 1 story, 760 square feet

  • 1 bedroom, 1 bath

  • Open kitchen-dining-living

  • Plan can be mirrored east-west

Evergreen 24 Render_New Windows.jpg
Evergreen 24

A 24-foot wide version of our popular Evergreen, great for narrower lots. Well-organized space with abundant natural light are highlights in this efficient package.


  • 1 story, 1344 total square feet

  • 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths

  • Front and side entry porches

  • Plan can be mirrored east-west



An updated interpretation of the ranch house delivers one-story ease and flexible use of space. Two generous entries provide transition and storage before connecting to open living areas.


  • 1 story, 1494 total square feet

  • 3 bedrooms and 2 baths

  • Front and side entry porches

  • Plan can be mirrored east-west

240115_Evergreen Duo.jpg
Evergreen Duo

2 Stories/2 Homes! This up-down duplex is based on the Evergreen 24 design. The Duo offers an infill-ready home suited for multifamily residential and mixed use neighborhoods. 


  • Each unit: 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths

  • A double decker front porch

  • An enclosed lower level entry for the upper unit

  • Plan can be mirrored east-west


We offer plans for both a 2-car and a 1-car detached garage. The garage designs complement the house designs in building form and materials. The garage can be built insulated or uninsulated; our construction documents provide instructions for either option.

How Just Housing homes are built

From the capillary break on the footing to the depth of the roof overhang (and everything in between), the details are what make Just Housing homes special and what make the houses work. We use an integrated approach to optimize the balance between the parts to build the house and the systems to run the house.

  • Super-insulated walls, floors and ceilings and airtight construction details create an enclosure that conserves energy and stays comfortable in the coldest (or the hottest) weather.

  • Based on energy modeling, we tailored slightly different versions of our standardized assemblies and specifications for both Climate Zone 6 and Climate Zone 7.

  • Low building energy loads allow for smaller equipment and smaller ductwork. 

  • All-electric operation and low loads allow all energy needs to be met with clean energy.

  • Chases and soffits facilitate straightforward distribution of conditioned air to the living spaces.

  • Typical equipment in a Just Housing home:

    • Domestic hot water is delivered via a heat pump water heater.

    • A high-efficiency ventilation system brings in filtered fresh air and expels stale air.

    • A high-efficiency cold climate air source heat pump provides reliable heating and cooling.

    • A whole house energy monitor displays how much energy the house is using and how much is being produced by the solar array.

How they are built
220128_WallSection_Climate Zone 7.jpg

Anatomy of a
Just Housing Wall

220720_Section Perspective-01.jpg

Cut Away of a
Just Housing Wall

230718_Anatomy of a JUST HOME.jpg

Just Housing

Building Section

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