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Will other standard designs be offered by Just Housing?

Yes! We are planning more zero energy models, including duplexes, two-bedroom homes, and a lofted versions. Please check our website for updates.


Can the standardized wall construction be panelized, and built off-site?

Yes, as long as care is taken to maintain the continuity of the air barrier and the continuous insulation when connecting sections of wall. It is also possible to have the structural stud walls built in a panelized or modular fashion (on or off site) and assembled on site, and the layer of continuous insulation installed on site. If you want to have your walls built off-site, we suggest you contact us to discuss your approach so that the outcome meets the intended performance.


I already have a home design, but the house is planned for standard code construction. Can Just Housing help me upgrade my planned construction to zero energy standards?

We do sell a packet of our details and specifications that can be used with a home design not created by Just Housing. Using our standards may not get your home to net zero energy performance, but the methods and assemblies we provide offer a comprehensive approach to improve building energy performance and durability. Please send us an email or give us a call to see if our standard detail packet is a good fit for your project.


These homes are not designed with attached garages. Why? 

Several important reasons:

  • Indoor air quality in a home is of utmost importance. Attaching a garage to a house requires careful and vigilant separation of the two spaces to keep any fumes from cars (or volatile items stored in a garage) out of the house.

  • Detached garages allow for building placement and land development most responsive to each unique building site. 

    • The detached garage can be located with a driveway where it best suits the house. 

    • The finished floor elevation of the house and the garage can be different, tailored to the conditions on the building site.

    • The solar orientation of the house is very important. Separating the garage from the house provides more flexibility to orient the house properly with regard to the sun, while also placing the garage where it makes the most sense.

  • The simple roof forms on each design allow for effective management of rainwater and snow. Attaching a garage to a home often also complicates the rooflines, which adds cost and makes it even harder to manage water and snow.

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