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Design that’s good for the people and good for the planet.

What we do

What We Do


We design ready-to-build zero energy homes with readily available materials and tested, reproducible assemblies. We’re tackling the conundrum of our existing housing stock as well, because existing homes also need to be cleaner, more resilient and healthier.


We offer services to support and develop sustainable housing and green building, including curriculum development, education and workforce training, research, technical assistance and consulting. 


We offer scaled pricing to eliminate barriers to access. Our products and services are applicable and available to builders, homeowners, community organizations, and others invested in just housing.

Our Company

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As a public benefit corporation, we shape our work toward purpose, not profit. We exist to pursue and deliver collective and community benefit with regard to housing and housing justice:

  • to enable and accelerate equitable and widespread adoption of sustainable solutions for housing; and

  • remove barriers to individual and community needs for healthy, affordable, durable homes built to operate without burning fossil fuels.


Our methods are founded in deep understanding and our solutions come from years of experience working as creative critical thinkers and changemakers in both public and private sectors. We are here to contribute to the greater movement to build a healthy and fair society for the many, not the few.

Net Zero


A Zero Net Energy home uses renewable energy to produce as much energy each year as the house consumes each year. Zero energy homes have very low annual utility costs and increase in value over time.


If the house is connected to the electric utility, the grid acts as a “bank:” 

  • receiving electricity from the home’s solar PV panels when the array is producing more energy than the house is consuming, and

  • sending electricity to the house when the solar array isn’t producing the energy the home requires.

We approach zero net energy design like this:

  • Optimize energy conservation with passive solar design, airtight construction and extra layers of insulation.

  • Utilize super efficient mechanical systems, lighting and appliances.

  • Operate with all-electric energy use, so no fossil fuels are burned on site.

Net Zero
Our Company
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