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Just Housing’s EmPOWERment project has been awarded a CERTs Seed Grant!

Updated: Feb 13

Empowerment enables people and communities to represent their interests and act on their own authority. The need for empowerment is particularly important for underserved populations.


The built environment greatly impacts individual and community resiliency and well-being. Green housing - healthy, durable, energy efficient, and affordable – is a necessary part of a resilient and equitable community.


Profound change is needed in the way we build, to address climate change and the persistent shortage of durable, affordable housing. The knowledge and technology to dramatically reduce consumption and use clean energy in buildings are well-established, but not widely implemented.

We believe that educators and students can be the catalysts for the clean energy, green revolution in buildings. The objective of the EmPOWERment project is to share information, resources and expertise about green building with students and educators to foster opportunity in a clean-energy future.

Just Housing will work directly with local high schools and community colleges to:

·         Create interest and awareness of careers in clean energy and green construction

·         Support educators with engagement and high-quality introductory content about clean energy and green building

·         Foster industry, academic and workforce partnerships and relationships


The idea for this project originated after Just Housing owner Rachel Wagner was invited to meet with Wrenshall School principal and school board members to talk about green building education, careers, and zero energy design. The principal asked if Just Housing might provide posters to hang in the CTE (career and technical education) hallway. Presented with the opportunity to assist a local educator, Rachel and Leah developed three posters, had them printed, and donated them to the school.

Just Housing receives many similar requests from educators and community leaders. These invitations point to the need and the opportunity for public/private collaborations to foster engagement and change in our region.


We’re so excited to work in our community to empower this generation and the next generation to join and lead the green building and clean energy revolutions we all need to secure a sustainable, equitable future.

Learn more about CERTs and their Seed Grants here.

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